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My Own Sweet Time
My Own Sweet Time → ♥

My Own Sweet Time → ♥

My Own Sweet Time → ♥ I'm brazilian, addicted to a lot of things that I think indispensable for me, but for a lot of you, it's not.
"I find hope and it gives me rest. I find hope in a beating chest. I find hope in what eyes don't see. I find hope in your hate for me."

Welcome to my world.


#Hanson - “Isn’t it strange how we all feel a little bit weird sometimes?”

I’m not listening this song right now, but, for any reason, her lyrics are screaming loud inside me. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling I’m a strange in this world. I can’t find my place… I don’t know… it’s weird… things are empty. My heart is empty, but my mind is full of nonsense thoughts… I’m lost? I don’t have any doubt ‘bout it. 

"Strange, how we all feel a little bit weird sometimes…"

See the flames inside my eyes, it burns so bright I wanna feel your love. Easy baby, maybe I’m a liar, but for tonight I wanna fall in love and put your faith in my stomach!” ♪


Some times (or all the times) music can talk a lot about us.
More than a lyric, more than a melody… harmony between mind and soul. That “thing” that make us feel like we can be in another world, in places that our body can’t never reach.

I’m back! ;)

Wow! There’s a lot of time since my last visit here. Things happened. A lot. A big part of me changed, and the other one, is still trying to find that “thing” between who I used to be, and who I really am.

I’m still in love with Hanson (you know, this is forever) but now, I’m not that 12 young little girl. I grew old. I have others things to thought, others things to do.

My heart is still empty (I’m not in love with anyone other than me) and this is great. I’m having a lot of funny moments and situations.

Hope I still have you all to read about me and my craziness stuff.

Be welcome back to my life.

P.s. I’m in love with Ed Sheeran! Could this be more awesome? 

Ed… the teddy bear… ♥

- Now Playing - Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran

And @hansonmusic (#Hanson) sang “Weird” last night in #RiodeJaneiro… what can I say? Perfects! This is all.