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As part of the annual Hanson Day celebration we will be hosting a members only concerts on May 13th. All you need to attend is to be a current fan club member on and RSVP! 

The event will include:
    -Acoustic Concert
    -2012 Member EP Release
    -And many more weekend activities!

Concert Date: May 13, 2012 
Venue: TBD, Tulsa, OK 
Ticket Price: FREE
Time: TBD 
Age: 13+ 

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    So Excited for this!!!!
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    I’m thinking this year, since I actually currently live close enough to Tulsa to make it to a MOE, I’m gonna go ahead...
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    OH YES.
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    So, I’m 27, live in Argentina need money for the MOE too! DAMN!
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    Debating. It’ll be five years since my last (first) Hanson Day (MONA). Maybe, maybe. Hm.
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    I’m so there.
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    Totally trying to go.
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